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Changing Deficiencies into Efficiencies



Improvement Opportunities:

1. 1, 5 & 10 Year Plans Complete – Y/N

2. Organizational Chart Current – Y/N

3. Corporate Objectives and Business Alignment – Y/N

     a. Business Aligned with Corporate Objectives

     b. Business Priorities Determined

4. Business Priorities Alignment – Y/N

     a. IT Aligned with Business Priorities

5. Policies, Processes and Procedures Current – Y/N

6. Audit Issues – Y/N (Weaknesses and Deficiencies – Root Cause Analysis)

     a. Internal

     b. External

7. Compliance Issues – Y/N

     a. Federal

     b. State

These comprise the foundation of highly effective and efficient organizations that deliver quality products on time and on (or under) budget. 

One great example is CMMI. Organizations that operate at CMMI Level 5 optimize continuously.


Improvement Schedule:

Week One

     Review – Documentation, Analysis, and Issues Assessment Evaluation (1-7)

Week Two

     Report – Review Results, Recommendations and Next Steps

Week Three – 

     Ready – Project Plan/Schedule and Path Forward

Week Four – 

     Resolve – Implement Solutions, Updates and Improvements 

Week Five – 

     Review – Confirm Improvement Results and Identify Remaining Issues